Roll Labels for Digital press 追蹤

Philip Richardson

We are currently using Bartender 10.1 and were thinking about updating to 2021, but i have a couple of questions.

Does v2021 output CMYK artwork, i believe 10.1 only works in RGB

Is it possible to set the print order for roll labels instead of sheets, at the moment if we are running a sequentially numbered barcode label that is multiple labels across the printing web i have to set it up as 1 label that is the full width and create 3 individual barcodes and then specify 3 start numbers.

I want to be able to something like below

Label 1          Label 2        Label 3

    1                    11                21

    2                    12                22

    3                    13                23

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    4                    14                24

    5                    15                25

    6                    16                26

                 NEXT PAGE

    7                    17               27

    8                    18              28

    9                    19              29

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   10                  20              30

At the moment in 10.1 the number sequence can only be set per page

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Pete Thane
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Not sure on the colour printing but I know they have enhanced this quite a bit. Not sure if you have seen this

I this you would need to set the configuration the same for the sequential numbering. Additional options have been added since v10.1 but you are always configuring the serialisation for each label and not a roll of labels. You could probably set up some form of VB scripting to make the process simpler (OnSerialse add 10 or 20 to the serial number field value)