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I'm looking for a resource to help me with my print set-up.  I need to print 3 different tags from 4 columns of excel information in a series.

I have:

Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3 | Header 4

Info1 | Info 2 |  Info 3 | Info 4


They are all printing to the same tag type, the series should look like

Tag 1 - Info 1, Info 2

Tag 2 - Header 3, Info 3

Tag 3 - Header 4, Info 4

Repeat Tag 1, 2, 3 with next row of information.  The header titles will be static and all the info is being pulled from the same row on an excel sheet.

If this is answered already somewhere and I just missed it then no worries, point me in the right direction :)

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Peter Thane
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You could create your label with multiple templates and so when it prints each label only prints the appropriate database fields on it.