Template Text Box Sizes Reformatting when Sending to Print Label 追蹤


This has been an ongoing issue ever since we updated out system to the 2021 version. Basically the problem is that seemingly randomly when we send label to be printed some of the text boxes that we have in our templates will suddenly resize themselves to a single line, meaning the majority of text is not visible (see example below). 

Normal template with correct text box size. 

After sending to print with text box now resized to a much smaller line:  

The system does this very frequently, and we have to reshape the text box every time it does this (yesterday printing a label took about 15 attempts as the text boxes were just constantly shrinking themselves!). 

In addition to this we have also seen the system become slower after the 2021 update, and it tends to crash multiple times when opening for the first time in the morning. 

I have spoken to Seagull directly, and whilst they are trying to help I thought I would ask the community to see if anyone has any advise.

- Jake 


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Peter Thane
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I seem to recall seeing something like this a while back with a label with a Word Processor object for the ingredients. I got the feeling it was something in the data that was causing it as it was only certain products it happened with. 

In the end we replaced the Work Processor object and used the EU FIC sample label as a base and handled the allergen bolding via a standard text document with the inbuilt VB routine and have not an a issue like that since