Printer is not recognized by Windows 7-64. NEED URGENT HELP! 追蹤


HELP! I have a MF Label Printer DT426B so I can print 4x6 mailing labels.  I have installed the most recent (downloaded from website) Drive, and no matter what I do, Windows 7-64 says the printer is successfully installed, but when I go to use it, A) Windows 7-64 does NOT recognize it as a printer and B) the device is shown as "USB Printing Support".  

What is going on.  I have done my best to search the problem but have yet to find a solution to the problem.  

The Printer is connected directly to my PC via a USB Port and the only other device connected to my PC using USB is the keyboard/mouse interface.



Ken L. 

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Peter Thane
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Not sure if this will work, by try adding the printer manually (rather than the automatically find route) and connect the device initially to a different port, such as LPT1, even though this may not exist. 

Once installed then adjust the port to the USB port in the driver and send a form feed command from the Tools section of the driver and see what happens.