Bug Print Station Print Preview 追蹤

Ruben M. Seguin Ramos



When we try to print preview a record from Print Stattion, Query promts not working.


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Xabier Clemente
評論操作 永久連結

Hi Ruben!

Thank you for posting in our Community Forum.

In order to properly troubleshoot this issue we would need the following information from you:

  1. Apart from the query prompt not working, do you get any other error messages?
  2. Does this happen with all labels or just this particular label?
  3. What type of database are these labels connected to?
  4. What BarTender version and service release are you using? (you can find this information on the "Help > About" tab on BarTender Designer).
  5. Has this ever worked before with the affected labels, or has it always been an issue?

Thank you in advance.