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We use Bartender 7.75 with a database (connection via ODBC). The choice of data is as follows:

[code]SELECT `Nom du produit`, `Chemin Logo`, `Ligne1`, `Ligne2`, `Ligne3`, `Fuse`, `Chemin Fuse` FROM `sheet1$` WHERE `Nom du produit` = '?Invite1'[/code]

The question: how to configure Commander so that we can pass the argument `Nom du produit` to replace the calls '?Invite1'?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Djconcept, do you use Query prompt to filter record?

Command line option /? allows you to specify query prompt value from command line.

/?<query prompt name>=<query prompt value>

If you use BarTender command in Task,
Create text file as trigger, which just contain filter value
[code]"Nom du produit"[/code]
In Task's BarTender command, General tab > Additional command parameters,
add command
[code]/?Invite1=%Trigger Contents%[/code]

If you use Commander script, Create trigger like below
[code]%BTW% /AF="D:\FMT.btw" /P /?Invite1="Nom du produit" /Close

Hope that helps!
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Thank You Shotaro, it really helped. The only thing is that I had to put that command in this format:

[code]/?Invite1="<Trigger Contents>" [/code]

with quotes and less-than and greater-than symbols instead of percentages otherwise it is not printing.