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I have version 9.2 SR2 and are a new user of BT.

I'm about to create barcodes for x and y coordinats this so I can scan this into a cad program to design templates with out havning to draw these up manually.


When I create this xy-coordinates one by one in code128 I can scan them and the design looks good.

But when I trie to make one barcode out of these xy-coordinates with a CR the cad program interprets xy-coordinats as curvepoints instead of cornerpoints.

According to the software developer this is due to CR = Ctrl + Enter, where cad program interprets Ctrl as curvepoints.
Therefore I need to have an Enter as a delimiter.

Have tested this with CR, LF, FF and different combinations of these in Datasource ==> Screen data.

Anyone know how to create Enter as a delimiter for my xy-coordinates?

I have a couple of thousands templates that I have to create so I really would apriciate an answer, thanks.


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Ian Cummings
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Leaving aside what you CAD software requires, what exactly are you wanting to do inside of BarTender?  Are you wanting BarTender to read in a data file where a field delimiter is marked by a CR/LF and a record is marked by some other character as the delimiter?


If yes to the above then this is not possible.  BarTender ALWAYS will use CR/LF as a record delimiter.  You would therefore need to modify the text file prior to BarTender reading it in order to transform the file into a format that BarTender understands.

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I found that using the OnProcessData event in the btw file and inserting the following single line of VB Script

Value = Replace(Value, "<CR>", VbCrLf)

solves the problem because the CR character is not imbedded in the commander text


Just insert the literal characters <CR> (not the CR + LF characters) into the data in place of Cr + Lf and the bartender format file will convert all occurances of <CR> to a CrLf at print time.