Commander Trial Version Limitations? 追蹤


Are there limitations to the Trial Version? 


I’m trying to prove out Bartender/Commander,
using a text file.  I’m working with Enterprise Automation Trial, 10.0 SR4, with 14 trial days remaining.


This is what my text file looks like;


/AF="U:\CommanderWatch\SeelyeEiler.btw" /D="%Trigger File Name%" /PRN="Brother QL-570 LE" /R=3 /P /DD


HAWKES MANUFACTURING INC,11610,2,661864,1,jbellinger,1


Commander appears to handle the file, but nothing prints. 


This is the log;

[Task Name] New Task

[Date/Time] 5/8/2013 9:15:25 AM

[BarTender Command] Command Handler: BarTender1 - C:\PROGRA~2\Seagull\BARTEN~1\BarTend.exe /AF="U:\CommanderWatch\SeelyeEiler.btw" /D="\\sybvw8fap01\users\jbellinger\CommanderWatch\SeelyeEiler.dat"
/PRN="Brother QL-570 LE" /R=3 /P /DD



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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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Try using the UNC path to the file instead of a shared drive.  Also, try switching Commander to run as an application, it could be permissions to the service (since it looks like you're hitting the network, and the default service logon doesn't have network access).  If that's the case, go into your windows services panel and add a logon to the 'Commander Service' listed in there.

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UNC path worked!  Thanks.  Bartender / commander rocks!