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Hi All,


We are using BarTender 9.4 SR3 on  Windows 2003 Server.


We are using TCP/IP trigger for Task.




Label are getting printed more than once, and i could see multiple XML in commander Output Log.


Where is only one label print request was fired.


Could anyone help on this ?


Thank you,

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Domingo Rodriguez
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Can you attach the BarTender document (.btw), the Commander task list (.tl) and the trigger data using the "More Reply Options" button and now adding the files?


Also, as a test, if you use "File" as the "Task" type and now place a trigger file into the detection folder, will then only 1 print job be printed?

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We are having a similar issue with the identical versions you mention above (Bartender 9.4 SR3 on WIndows 2003 Server).  We are also using TCP/IP Socket as the Trigger.  A question for you.. For the Commands on your trigger, are you using Command Type: 'Send to TCP/IP Socket', Command: 'Via original inbound connection' as one of the commands for your task?  This would be after you print your label, you have Bartender reply to the source that the label has printed.


We've found that after Commander runs, we can see the TCP/IP sockets on the Windows 2003 servers (this happens on all our Print Servers) go in to an ESTABLISHED state but never reply to the Source system that the job has printed.  After a while, these connections go into CLOSE_WAIT state.  We're not sure if there is an issue with Commander and it losing its ability to make the reply back to the source system.  After a commander bounce, the system will run fine again until it happens once more (sometimes within an hour, sometimes within a day).


The duplicates come from our Source not getting a reply, and thinking the label didn't print, and then sending the request again.  We then see duplicate XML's in our Commander log.


Not sure if your situation is the same as us, but had to reply with maybe a possible reason for what is happening.