Empty Page When Usinng Command 追蹤



I created new label and use Commands trigger to print the barcode.  Everything works great.  However, there is only empty page everything Command prints something.  I attached the trigger file which has the parameters for the command.  Please help and thank in advance.


Phu Nguyen

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Ian Cummings
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Are you saying that when printing the document from BarTender directly all is okay, and that only when printing via Commander you have the issue?  We'd need to see the Commander task list file and the BarTender document to venture a more informed opinion of what might be the problem.  To fault find I suggest you first run Commander as an application, and then make the controlled BarTender process visible to see what might be going wrong.  Check the Commander trouble-shooter for more details: http://forums.seagullscientific.com/index.php?/topic/55-commander-troubleshooting/