Commander Show Label Is Printed But No Physical Label Was Printed 追蹤


We have Bartender 10.0 with automation license of 5 printers.


We just transferred the license from an old server to the new server. But somehow, commander indicate its printed.

But no label was actually printed and the printer do not show up in the license server window.


* Commander and License are in the same server.

* When user on a different PC try to print using bartender, it prints and show up in the license server.

* User ID used in commander has full admin rights.

* Printer is network printer i.e.\\ SERVERNAME\PRINTERNAME


Any advise on this?

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Ian Cummings
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I suggest you start off by going through the Commander Trouble-Shooter document.  I assume that BarTender on the new computer is properly activated?  Check this by opening BarTender manually and selecting the "Help>About" menu item.


Be sure to have the latest service release in use: