Oledb Error Message: Idispatch Error #3121 Query Timeout 追蹤

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I am trying to generate print preview within BarTender 10.1 SR2 EA application which is installed on a Middle-ware server. The BarTender document is connected to an SQL database which is hosted on another server (PFA DB_Conn_Setup_Options.png) through an OLEDB connection. I am running a stored procedure (PFA DB_Conn_Setup_SQL.png) which returns a recordset of 100 within 16 seconds when directly run on SQL server, but throws an OLEDB IDispatch Error #3121 (PFA Error.png) when executed through BarTender.


Is there a way I can set the connection time-out on BarTender? I have tried doing so from Database Connection Setup -> Options -> Setup -> Advanced -> Connect Timeout, but the value is not saved.


Am I missing something here?


Thank you in advance :)