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Hello, I have two data sources from my excel sheet. 

1) Serial No.

2) Box No.


Assuming I have 2 Serial numbers per box, is it possible to grab both the serial numbers to the same label. An example of what I wish to accomplish. Do advice.

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Ian Cummings
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To confirm, you want to print two records of serial number field data on the same label?  Unfortunately this is not directly supported by BarTender.  What you could do though is to enable the page template feature and make it the size of your individual label. then for the layout specify two labels for the page, I presume one atop the other.  In the page template layout objects that do not connect to the serial number field, and in the label template place the object that does connect to the serial number field.  As there are now two pseudo labels in your actual physical label you're able to circumvent the database restriction.