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Integrating BarTender into a Windows desktop application is relatively straightforward. However, I'm finding myself looking for a bit more clarity when it comes to integrating BarTender on the server-side of an multi-tiered client-server application. Is there any proscriptive guidance for doing this? Are there pictures available (showing where BarTender fits into classic application architectures)?


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Ian Cummings
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For centralized system integration of BarTender you might wish to start by looking at the Commander "middleware" application. This allows you to implement, quickly and easily, the power of BarTender's label design and printing capabilities with a relatively limited amount of programming/development. Please take a look at the below white papers to get you started:

Alternatively you can integrate with BarTender directly with the aid of our .NET SDK. For centralized printing solutions where scalability is a factor, the use of the PrintServer() SDK is ideal what with its ability to run and manage multiple BarTender processes in parallel and use a queueing system for print requests. See the Task Master SDK sample project for more details.