"?##" Added To The End Of Format Label Names 追蹤

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Can anyone explain why (as seen in the attached) a question mark and then a two to three digit number is appended to the back of some Label Format names?


Background on our printing environment: We use Librarian to manage all of our label templates and all print jobs are either generated from the BarTender program or the Reprint console.


For in house record keeping purposes we have tracking software that uses exact text matching to track the number of time a template name is printed. We are find that our records are some time off as some Label Format names have nothing after the ".btw" (Example: Alpha_Texting_Inc_2.0x0.75_std_asset_tag.btw) and some select Label Format names have additional characters after the ".btw" (Examples: Alpha_Texting_Inc_2.0x0.75_std_asset_tag.btw?12) .


Can anyone provide insight on to why additional characters are being appended on to the Label Format names, and if there is any steps that can be taken to prevent these extra characters?


Also, on some label templates and after some print jobs we attempt to close the label template and the label template then gets auto checked out from the Librarian. In these instances of auto checkout no design changes had been made, no changes had been made that warranted a new revision created. This is also causing a large problem as we have over 30 users that can print labels and not all users have the rights to save a new revision.  If the problem is not related to the additional characters being added on to the Label Format names I can create a new topic / thread.


Please let me know if there are any questions.


Thank you,

Matthew Stoldal