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We are using Seagull Scientific Zebra Windows print drivers with Bartender
Enterprise and other applications. We have many workstations using more than one
printer, with various configurations of continuous vs. non-continuous media, cutter vs. tear-off, etc.

On each workstation, we have a need to use the Seagull
Scientific print driver configuration interface to explicitly specify media
type and cutter configurations. The problem we are experiencing is that this
configuration does not apply to the many others that log into a particular workstation
during a 24hr/7day work week. This happens even if we perform configurations as
local administrator.

Are there any creative ways to make Seagull Scientific print
driver configurations global to all users on a windows workstation?

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Ian Einman
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On the Tools tab of the driver properties, click the Driver Options button.  In that Driver Options dialog, click the Network Settings tab.  There are checkboxes called "Share settings between all users" and "Share settings between all documents".  If you check both of them, then the driver properties become global and per-user changes are completely ignored.