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I had originally setup our BarTender SQL 2008 R2 database on our Test server while I was testing it, then continued to use it when we started to use BarTender in our production environment.


I need to move it to our Production SQL 2008 R2 server.  I backed up the Test BarTender database and restored it on Production with the same name.  What are my next steps?  How do I have BarTender use the Prod database now?




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Adrien Pierret
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Hi Danielle, 


When you have successfully restored the database onto your new server, it should already be connected and operational, did you get any error message during the restoration? 


If you open History Explorer, can you see the new records from the restored database? 



Domingo Rodriguez
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You should now just need to point BarTender's System Database Setup to make use of the new SQL Server (the name of the BarTender System Database should have stayed the same). Do this via the "Administer > Log Setup > Database Log" dialog by clicking on "Setup...".


The below training video also explains how this can be done:


Furthermore, please notice that if you're trying to connect BarTender to a remote system database (so a database which hasn't been locally created on the same PC as BarTender is running), you will need to own the Enterprise Automation Edition of BarTender.