Migrating Installation To New Domain. 追蹤

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I am totally new to BarTender software. I am IT manager at a company who have just acquired another company. This company have a location with a IT setup with 2 servers, and 15 Windows Workstations.


The main problem is that all knowledge of the IT setup is gone - noone knows anything about it.I have managed to get a licens with serial number, but that is all.


My job is to standardize this location to my companys standard. This means that we will connect the two companys locations with VPN - we will remove the two local servers and we will add the existing 15 workstations to the mother companys domain.


But some of the workstations have BarTender Enterprise v. 9.2 SR2 installed and it is pretty important to them. BarTender License server is installed on one of the workstations.


My question is - when I add the computers to my mother companys domain - will BarTender still work on a new useraccount in a new domain or will it need to be reinstalled? And what about the License Server?


I sincerely hope there is a friendly soul out there that can help me.


Kind regards