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I want to know whether using C#,
i) At RUN Time, Is it possible to create NEW btw file
ii) At RUN Time, Is it possible to create NEW Named SubString ( I know we can modify its value)?
iii) At Run Time, Is it possible to set Named SubString properties, like Font, x, y coordinates (position in the label) etc... ?


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Ian Cummings
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Currently you can neither create a new label, new object or new sub-string or sub-string name via automation in BarTender. All labels, objects and sub-stings need to already be created and named.

It is possible to change a great number of the properties of a label object by either using VB script inside the label of the COM (ActiveX) automation interface. In VB Script object property manipulation can be done on the print job and per label in print job level using the Object() object. With COM automation, such modifications can only be made at the per print job level. In time we will extend this functionality to the .NET SDK Print() component.

The below white paper should be helpful: