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I have one question.

we are about to switch from standalone bartender installation to webprint using Bartender 9.2 SR2.
All our labels require a database lookup and we use different prompts to decide the amount, qty etc.

Is there any way to make bartender webprint treat a barcode readers "enter" command at the end as a "tab" and jump to the next prompt.

I know that the barcode reader can be programmed to change from "enter" to "tab" but this is not an option due to its use in our ERP system.

Thanks in advance

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Ian Cummings
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If you were using BarTender and the BarTender print time prompt form then you can specify a prompt option to treat a carriage return as a tab or not. However, even if this is set appropriately in the label format I don't think you'll get the same experience in the web form. Feel free to try it.

If you are using the pre-made BT-WPS web application the I'm afraid there is nothing to do apart from us log a feature request for a future release. However, if you're using the web print server SDK to build your own web app, then obviously you could tweak the web page's javascript to get this effect.

*Thinking about it some more, the javascript fix is probably feasible for the BT-WPS installation as well. You just need to find and edit the appropriate file.