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I am beginner Javascript programmer. I am currently designing a website to be run on our local computer and I want to use bartender 9 automation in it. Can you please teach me how i can use bartender's activeX within Javascript? Loading the file, editing the information, printing and closing it. Thank you for you help in advance.

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Shotaro Ito
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As long as you run Javascript on Windows PC which has BarTender installed, it's technically possible to use JScript (Microsoft's Javascript) to run BarTender ActiveX by ActiveXObject, which goes like this [url=""]VBScript version[/url].

However this won't work for web project as this way you cannot effectively handle simultaneous print request, and would be very slow.
Please try [b]Commander [/b]instead, using Commander Script Trigger(or BarTender XML Script trigger if you have Enterprise Automation Ed.)

See [url=""]Commander White Paper[/url] and [url=""]Commander Examples[/url] White Paper.

Enterprise Automation edition's Commander goes very well with Web project, as it has flexibility of BarTender XML command and better performance from assign multiple BarTender process to a Task - such as, Single XML Script trigger file can contain multiple print command to print a chain of different formats in specific order. You can run many BarTender processes to fully utilize many core CPU, and Commander gives XML triggers to each BarTender processes by round-robin manner to handle bulk requests.