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Dear all,
I'm using the Bartender XML script to print our labels to a TEC B-SA4TM:
This works great...
The system takes the template and fills out the data and sends it to a printer on a clustered printserver...
But the problem is that the label is at the end of the printing is not ejected far enough. Result: the label is still a bit in the printer and I rip off the label instead of having a full label. (See attachment)


Is there a way to adjust the feed and give an extra eject of 0,5 cm after each label that is printed?


How do I do this? Is this done in the label or is there a way to note this in the XML script.


Is there also some sort of reference of the Bartender XML script commands in PDF format?


Thank you for the help,


Best regards,


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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<XMLScript xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" ID="c9c5b01d-66ab-4944-b51d-1300172f5c89" Name="2013_2_28_12_24_51_FormatGeneration" Version="1.0">
  <Command Name="2013_2_28_12_24_51_FormatGenerationCommand">
      <RecordSet Name="Text File 1" Type="btTextFile">
"Data1","Data2","Data3","Data4","Data5","Data6","Data7","Data8","1","2","","","",""," ","TEST"

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You need to set this in the label design, via the Print dialog clicking the "Document Properties" button from where the printing preferences are shown.  Select the "Stock" tab and adjust the feed settings as needed.  Be sure to save the label document when done as this will embed the print settings as part of the document file and will thus be used when printing.


The XML reference is only available in the BarTender Help system.  Alas, we don't have it in a PDF.