Strange Behaviour 追蹤

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Hi All

I have a label template with many fields. One of the fields is of DateTime type and formatted as "MMMM yyyy".  When i programmatically pass the values to this field i get strange behaviour as listed below


If i pass 11/3/2013 (11th March) the label prints November 2013 which is not  correct

If i pass 12/3/2013 (12 th marhc) the label prints Decemeber 2013 which is again not correct


But when i pass 13/3/2013 (13th March) the label prints March 2013, it prints correctly

thus any date > 12 th March the label prints March 2013 which is correct


Another interesting observation is, if we run our app on the server where BT is installed, the dates are formatted and printed correctly.

If we invoke our program from a client pc, then the above behaviour is observed


The code that passes the values to the label template is as below


format.Substrings[strColumnName].value = String.format("{0:dd/MM/yyyy}", dsLabelData.Tables[0].Rows[0][colIndex].ToString());