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Hello people


well, i have the need to send some values to a label through command line in order to print this values in some fields defined in the .btw file.


can i make this?

how can i make ?



i have bartender pro V10.0 Build 2821


best regards.

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Hello Ckenox,


Thank you very much for your post.


In first place I would suggest to upgrade your BarTender version to the latest Service Release:


BarTender’s command-line interface provides a minimum set of capabilities for controlling your BarTender label and barcode software. It is primarily suited for specifying which BarTender document and external text file to use for a print job. However, it provides little additional control. (The Automation edition or higher is required for Command line support.)
In Command Line you can substitute the original database for a new database with this command:
/D=<path to data file> 
Sets or changes the text file database to be used. If no connection to a text file database has been added to the BarTender document, the /D parameter adds it. (BarTender will assume that the first line of the file is a header that contains the field names and that the data fields are delimited with the mixed-quote-and-comma method.) If connections to one or more text file databases have already been added, the file specified with the /D parameter replaces the first text database. (BarTender will assume that the new file uses the same delimitation method as the original file, and it will assume that the first line is a header of field names if and only if the original file had such a header.) The /D parameter applies to all open BarTender documents unless the /AF= parameter has been used. A full path to the database may need to be specified. For more information, refer to How BarTender Processes Path and File Names.
Also you will be able to fill out a Database Query in your Command Line:
/?<query prompt name>="<query prompt value>" 
Assigns a value to the specified query prompt. If there is no match, then the command is ignored. If a query prompt within the document is not set, then the query prompt dialog will be displayed with the remainder of the unset prompts. Multiple query prompts are supported on the command line. Setting query prompts only takes effect when /P, /PD, /FP, or /FPD are specified.
You can find more information in "BarTender Suite Help".
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Can I specify the printer on the command line? I have two printers and need to print a different label on each.