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I am new to bartender and have never used it before. I am building a site using ColdFusion and Javascript and have a requirement to print  label after the user enters data in the form and saves it to the Database. I already have the label designed with .btw extension.  Can anyone give me an overview of how to get started on printing a label from webpage by passing the database fields and values? Any documentation that explains how to do this?



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Shotaro Ito
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Does your database have trigger and text export?

In that case, using Commander to take text file (CSV) as database would be the most simple solution.


Create trigger in the database to detect table update, then export table contents by CSV, and save to specific folder.

Commander detects the CSV file, open BarTender in background and assign the CSV file as database, then print.


Enable database logging to System database for log tracking and accidental need of re-print label.

See Commander whitepaper - Example 2 and 3 are simple to start with.


Commander troubleshooting is must see when server-side printing.


Commander is available in Automation edition or above.