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Is there a way, besides runing the app via Activex, to modify properties.

An example:


we have a stripe on our labels that can be one of 16 colors.  Rather than making 16 tempates or 16 layers (or objects that are visible or not) I was hoping to make a change in code to change the color.


I am surprised there is not a datalink to attributes for each element on a template. (like Crystal reports).

I know I could make 16 bitmaps/images and simply change the bitmap for each color.  But was trying to do something more dynamic.


Also on this stripe we can have dynamic text.  So text color is important to change.  on a light blue bar we could use black.  But on a black square we would need to use white forecolor for a font.


any help would be appreciated.


Where I am at now is to create bitmaps in .Net on the fly and set the data properties to the temp bitmaps for different elements.  But to be honest this defeats the purpose of having a template in the first place.



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Yes you can do this via VB script in a document level script.  See the following white paper: