Providing Csv Text Data Directly Within The Btxml For Printing As Well As Creating Preview Images 追蹤


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Can Anyone please help me with the following problem:

I've got a btw file which is backed by a Excel Database ("Databae Connection Setup").

It works perfectly when printing from within the bartender application and nicely prints the values from the excel file onto the label.


Now I want to extend the setup a little bit:

Additionally to printing the labels manually from within bartender I also want to be able to trigger the printing automatically via BTXML.

I already created a sample BTXML file which just loads the BTW file and starts the printing using the already assigned Excel database. In general it works.

But instead of using the already assigned Excel database I like to provide the data directly in the BTXML. Ideally as CSV (RecordSet > TextData).


To sum it up: BTW file is connected to a Excel Database which is fine.
Additionally I like to trigger printing automatically with the same btw file but instead of using the Excel file I like to provide the data directly in the BTXML.

Can this work? Or do I have to generate a temporary excel file instead?


For any help thanks very much in advance.

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Requirement has changed a little  bit.

Now using excel for both (actually printing and creating the preview) is OK.

But for the preview the excel file is stored in a different directory on the computer then the one actually used for printing.

So the question can be narrowed down to: Is it actually possible to specify the Excel database (xls file) to use for creating the preview images inside the BTXML Script?