Print To File License Timeout 追蹤

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We are developing a Large scale print automation solution using Bartender (10.1) to replace out current printing solution.


Out goal is to print as fast as possible so we can utilize our resources (Printers, and print operators) in the best possible way. Some of our printjobs take up to an hour to spool due to the large amount of tickets and unique data involved. In order to do so we came up with a solution where we would Spool to file in advance of the actual printing so that our servers can prepare spoolfiles in advance and we print once the print operator has prepared the printer and is ready.


To facilitate this we came up with a solution to print to file, and than later print the .prn data once required. however we ran into 2 issues.

1. The print must be done on the same machine as the original spool. (We managed to create a workaround this issue by distributing the load on the same machine as the original spool (not optimal, but doable))

2. The print must be made within 10 min of the spooling to file (Why is this). This basically limits any option for us to spool this in advance.


When printing using the regular bartender 10.1 UI (or via the command line) we are able to get the required RAW spool data that we can then send directly to the printer. However this is not possible using the SDK.


Is there any option to Print to file with RAW output (like the regular application), or with a (Much) longer licence expiration so we can develop the required solution using Bartender?