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We are using BarTender 7.72 build 1548 on two systems: 

- Windows 7 x64 system
- Windows XP SP3 x32 system


Everything worked fine until our datacentre moved to a different location (including the license server).


Our network administrator states that the "TTL=4" option is way to low and that it should be 128. I'm not an network engineer but he claimed to say that the total of 4 router hops was too low for the software to find the license server.


Is there any way we can fix this issue? Perhaps some configuration file where TTL can be raised manually?


Thx in advance!

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Ian Cummings

Your BarTender version is licensed to a single location.  In later versions where we license the software for a WAN, and thus has an expanded TTL.

Ian Einman

TTL is only a factor with auto-detection.  You can just skip auto-detection - go into BarTender's "Licensing Setup", uncheck "Automatically find Seagull License Server" and enter the name of the server manually.


That is better than using a really high number of hops, which could wind up being fairly poor performance depending on your network environment.