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I’m having an issue with BarTender 10.10 Automation Edition and I was hoping someone can assist me in figuring this issue out.


Set is as follows:

Zebra: RZ400

Labels: Zebra 10015351 (3.819x1.063) UHF TAG DOGBONE Monza4D

Printer Driver: Seagull Zebra RZ400 203 DPI


The issue:

When we setup a RFID tag (EPC GEN2) it will print out multiple labels with the same serial number on the roll (example below).


First label – 100001 – RFID Embedded

Second label - 100002 – No RFID

Third label - 100002 – RFID Embedded

Forth label - 100002 - No RFID

Fifth Label – 100003 - No RFID

Sixth Label – 100003 – No RFID

Seventh Label – 100003 - RFID Embedded

Eighth Label – 100004 - No RFID

Ninth Label – 100004 - No RFID

Tenth Label – 100005 - RFID Embedded


As you see that the RFID will embed on randomly on the print out sequence by looking at the third and seventh labels and the print out of serials are random some printing 1 of each, 2 of each and 3 of each in
different orders. I’ve calibrated the printer using the Bartender software and used the Seagull driver as the stock Zebra driver does not support the RFID tagging in the software.


If I remove the RFID Tag the labels print out 1 each in sequence without issue.


Any insight would be appecitated.


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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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That means the RFID encoding is failing, and it's set to reprint the label on error.  


You'll want to do an RFID calibration from the front panel of the printer (see the manual of the printer for assistance with that), also consider slowing down the print speed to see if that makes encoding work any more consistently.

Legacy Poster
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Thank you for the reply, I will give that a try.

Legacy Poster
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That seems to do the trick, only issue now is some RFID is being printed on void tags instead of the printed label with the serial. I've reran calibrate a few times.

Domingo Rodriguez
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Do you mean that the RFID data is encoded on a different smart label than the actual text? 


Try adjusting the Transponder position. Do this by opening the "RFID Encoder" properties in BarTender, select the "RFID" node on the left, now click the "Printer RFID Properties..." button, and adjust the transponder position via the General tab.


If when the tag is encoded it is encoded correctly, there isn't much we can do from our side to assist (BarTender). This will either be the case of Transponder positioning or a different sensor / RFID configuration to be adjusted.