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Im looking to design barcode labels with three objects,All three objects are getting values from Excel Sheets,But I want to see Values of two  barcode objects(no need to see objects for this two barcode objects)  and remains needs to see Object and Value,


looking for someone to to give solution


Attached sample,Ref No ,Passport Number and ID Number are getting from Excel,But i need to see only Passport NUmber Object ,others needs to see only values.





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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Bartend,


I'm not sure I fully understand your requirements:


-. Is it that you wish to source from three database fields, two of them will get printed only as the text data, and the third one will be printed as a barcode AND its human readable text?


If that is the case note you can simply use two text objects and a barcode object (as you've already done in your design).


-. If you are asking about how to link data from your database to your label objects, please watch the below training video:


-. If it's none of the above, please explain your case in further detail.