Can I Encode The Same Rfid Details On A Roll Of Pre-Printed Tags 追蹤

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I am very new at the process of printing/encoding on labels.

I have rolls of 1000 RFID labels pre-printed by a tag converter. They have already been encoded in sequence and on the label face is a barcode and text representation of the number that is encoded in the tag EPC. Therefore, I do not want to re-encode the EPC and chance a failure of a read/write operation


My goal is to leave the existing value in the EPC bank in tact.

I would like to specify an access password for the tag (now it is blank) and lock memory banks (eg, EPC, Access Pwd)



I would like to take the roll, and set Bartender to use an RFID encoder object. I was thinking that I could leave the label otherwise blank. When I double-click the RFID Encoder object to view the RFID properties, and then select Printer RFID properties | EPC Gen 2 tab I set the following for each groupbox:


Access Control

EPC Memory - Lock

User Memory - Open

TID Memory - Lock

Access Password Lock

Kill Password - Lock


Access Password

New Password 11111111.




On the general tab,

Media Settings


Tag type is auto-detect.

Transponder Position- Use Printer Default

Enable Quick Write - unchecked

Retries per label - 3

Max invalid Labels - 3



I print and select two copies. The labels advance and the job finishes.

However, when I check each tag on an interrogator, the access password is not specified and none of the locks I set have been applied.


Notes: To get it to print I actually placed a (.) character very small at the corner of the design. Also, because I do not want these to print over what has been pre-printed, I have the printer, which is thermal transfer to direct thermal so I can leave the ribbon unloaded. Therefore, it does not print VOID on the label. However, when the job is executing, I watch the display and it says printing tag 1, printing tag 2, and then it finishes, leading me to believe it is not experiencing an error.


Also, there is a default data sources node under RFID Encoder in the properties form, but there is no data source set.


Am I completely missing something here?