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Dear all,


I know BarTender 9.2 is going out of support, but I have no choice but to ask for support here.

I have a license that supports 5 printers. I have 2 print servers on Win2008R2 that has BarTender 9.2 installed. I can open the labels on one server while the other cannot. As I double click the label, it seems to load but then ends up not loading, and the screen BarTender loading banner remains there indefinitely. What could be the reason that this is happening? I can still open BarTender normally without having to open a label, but once I try to open the label it stops responding?




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Ian Cummings
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It could be a problem with a printer driver, particularly the Windows default printer.  Try doing a full removal of the driver, reboot, and reinstall from scratch using the latest driver via the Seagull DriverWizard.