Trouble With Custom Size 追蹤


I am trying my first attempt at BarTender.


I have a label (single per page) with a custom size of 4.1"x11.125" that I am trying to setup for a Zebra ZT410


In my preview window on the setup wizard  it shows

User Defined Size

Width: 11.125in

Height: 4.1in



This looks correct in the preview window.


I placed some text and lines on my label in the designer software with the lines 1" apart from each other.  When I do a test print i get the lines, but they are 3 inches apart from each other.   The text is also much larger then I would expect.  Only a few of the lines show because the print is so large.  The right most lines (in the designer) show.


So my question is, what am I doing wrong that the print out and the designer don't match.

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Today I installed uninstalled the Seagull driver for the printer and installed the Zebra driver and the everything appears as it should I believe.  So my question is what would have caused the Seagull driver to print everything 3x larger than it should have?



Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you installed the 600 dpi printer driver model for use on a 200 dpi (physical) printer.  Hence the X3 magnification in certain aspects.