Gs1 Datamatrix And My 2D Scanner 追蹤

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Here is my GS1 Datamatrix:


(01) 20787551000102

(10) 16APR14                        (Variable length Lot Number.  I have a ^1 terminator after the Lot Number)

(17) 180301                           (Expiration Date)

(21) 180301OU00014            (Serial Number)



1. When I scan the datamatrix with my Motorola 2D scanner into the built in Data Wedge program I get:




Is it normal for the ^1 to translate to an equals sign?



2. I used the Bartender Datamatrix wizard to build my barcode.  Is there a way to pass a complete barcode string instead of having it split up in the Data Sources?  I want to do this because we might add a new Application Identifier part later and I'd have to update all of our templates manually if we did this.