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Hi all! 


I'm new to the forums and Bartender.  I've spent a bit looking at the topics and trying to find what I need. However, I am not sure exactly the terminology of what I need to be looking for. I figured I would post and see if anyone could help out! :)


I have a problem where I want to make a 128 barcode get fed by a text file or an excel spreadsheet or even just within Bartender itself (or Database, whatever).


The barcode needs to be fed information like this:







Its just a small series with the beginning of the code being "CART" and then an adjoining 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,...25, etc). I am using bartender UltraLite and for the life of me I cannot find where I can input a database or just a simple series into this barcode?


Any help would be MOST appreciated!!!!

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Ian Cummings
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You'll need something like the Professional edition to allow you to connect to a database (Excel) file, and for having multiple data sources in a single object.  The Ultra Lite and Basic editions do not support database, including Excel, connectivity.  These videos demonstrate the features needed: