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I am looking to get 2 labels printed (with the ship to address only)when the database Field Ship To Address change. This is how my database looks

Item       Qty    Ship To Address

abcd      2        KH497

adfd       5        KH497

tyrty       6        KH497

abcd      2        sd456

adfd       5        sd456

tyrty       6        sd456

The label quantity is set by data source from qty my database is a csv file mixed quote and comma.

Can a vb script work for this?



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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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For this layout the best solution (if working with our latest version 10.0) would be to create two different templates on a single document and use a template selector to print one or the other depending on the database field value.


Note that the "Template" feature was added on v10.0, for more information please take a look at the below webpage:


If you are working with an older version of BarTender you mainly have two options:


a. Control BarTender through Automation and print the required document analyzing the database field previously.


b. Design your two labels one on top of the other in the same document and use a VB Script to "display" only the required objects depending on the database value. Note that an object with no value ("") will not be printed.