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Hi There! I'm pretty new to vb with bartender, hopefully you guys can help me.


What I would like to do is move objects (Text boxes) to different areas when options are selected from the data entry form (either a dropdown or radio buttons)


Droplist is the name of the dropdown list on the data entry form, Form1

Text1 is a text box on Template 1.

I want the boxes to move before printing so I thought to put the code in OnNewRecord event.


Here's what I've tried with no success:


If Form1.Droplist.Value = "Option1" Then

    Text1.X = 6.875
    Text1.Y = 9.563
End If

If Form1.Droplist.Value = "Option2" Then

    Text1.X = 2.315
    Text1.Y = 1.548
End If
Thank You!


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Ian Cummings
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If your looking for event based scripts to run in the data input form to give you some degree of dynamicness in the form as it gets filled in, then I'm sorry to say that this is not possible currently.  This sort of functionality is in the wish list for a future release.  Meanwhile you best bet is to create a front-end form application using something like VB.NET and control BarTender externally via automation.  See the below white paper for more information:

Legacy Poster
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As you are looking to develop a application in VB (Visual Basic). So I do have a suggestion for you. 


VB is no more supported by Microsoft and now a days by the evolution of high level languages like C#, VB is not so popular. 


So I suggest you to go for some high level language. 


But if you still prefer VB then you can go for third party control tools for making a Data Entry application. 


Please tell me that you are looking for a web solution or a desktop application, so that I can be more specific.  I have recently visited this article ( and found it good. You can also read and let me know your thoughts.