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We have a label which requires printing stock code, description, lot numbers, country of origin, dates, and more.


The problem we have is the data are ot all "linked" so a join or other is required.




Part number: 123-ABD-XYZ

Dexcription: Widget 123

Lot Number: 109890

Country of origin (Made In): USA, CHI, MAL, VIN


The part number and Lot are Linked, teh Country of origin, though paert of a supplemental data table, is referenced not linked. 


We need help getting the labels generated as a proruction or sales order picking/packing label per product, like from 1 to 1000 labels may be reauired, each linking data to label to quantities, etc


Thank you,




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Hello Gerry,


Thank you very much for your post.


In this case you will need to design your database in the best way. Please note that BarTender only uses drivers to connect with the databases.


With BarTender you will be able to join 2 database tables but these tables should have a common field in order to join them.


Other option is to design your database with SQL server (or another database software) and after create an OLE DB connection to your SQL database.


In case that your tables will not be able to be joined please note that this is a SQL limitation and not a BarTender limitation.


Other possibility could be to generate a VBscript that will take the value from a database, but this option is more complicated and will be necessary to understand exactly how are linked the database records.