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Hi all,


What I want to accomplish is essentially a test print.  User enters Lot Number, Expiration date, and build quantity.  Upon printing I would like BT to print the first sheet of labels then stop and ask the user if the label content matches the work order.  If "yes" continue printing remaining quantity, if "no" cancel print job and return to original Data Entry Form.  


I was told this scripting could be accomplished through the Print Dialog Data Sources but they seem to be fairly locked down.  VB Script isn't available under data source options for me.  


Let me know if you know of a good place to start or have done something similar.


Running BT 10.0 SR2




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Ian Cummings
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You would need to control BarTender via automation to achieve this result.  The system would actually produce two print jobs.  The first print would be the label to be verified, the second, if okayed by the user, will be the second, but what the print operator will assume to be the remainder of the one print job.


Your application would essentially be a front-end application, written in C# or VB.NET, that takes in the user input, and then controls BarTender to produce the print jobs.  Take a look at the below white paper to get you started:



BTW: I would recommend you update BarTender v10.0 to the latest (SR4) service release: