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I have two questions that I would really appreciate some help on.  I am not very well versed in code, but I assume what I need will require VB scripting.  We use Bartender in a manufacturing environment.  Our labels are basically templates with user inputs for serial numbers (already assigned by something other than bartender), MAC ID's, and modem identifiers.  These values are scanned off of our products during production and into the Bartender software.  


Typically, there are two labels that we print that are associated with a particular unit.  The first label goes on the individual unit's box and consists of some static text and barcodes, as well as the user-input scan of serial number, MAC ID, and modem identifier (ESN or IMEI).  The second label is for a carton of individual units that contains static text, as well the three pieces of information from each individual unit (S/N, MAC, ESN/IMEI), which is encoded in a 2D barcode.


Here is what I need:


1.  A way to ensure that the information encoded in the 2D barcode contains no duplicate information.  For example, an operator may have mistakenly scanned the same unit twice.

2.  A better way of validating that the scanned information for a particular input is of the correct format.  For example, a MAC ID should be a hexadecimal format of 12 characters and maybe even start with a particular six characters.


If either of these 2 conditions result in an error for these labels, I would like to deny printing until the issue is fixed.  What I currently use for the 2nd issue is the "Transforms" in Bar Code Properties.  I have a character filter and a limit and minimum to number of characters for each input.  It kind of lets the operator know that there was an issue, but it requires them to pay attention, and it won't prevent them from printing something that is not valid.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Also, we currently use v. 10.0 SR3



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Ian Cummings
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The best way to avoid duplicates is to write a record to a central database for each product/label produced.  Then for each new label/product the database will be queried to make sure that it hasn't already been done, only when no records are found will printing continue.


Unfortunately BarTender doesn't have a built-in  ability to write to a database other than with a VB script in a BarTender document, which I don't think you can rely upon 100%.  Instead I suggest you create a front-end application to handle the data entry validation, and to query and write to the central database for products/labels printed.  When validation and product checking is complete it would then control BarTender via automation to print the labels with the entered data a needed.  See the below white paper for an introduction on controlling BarTender via automation: