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Hello Support,
I'm new to BarTender. We're using Enterprise Automation version 9.4 SR1. I need help with hiding or showing a label based on if a particular field in the database is populated or not.
I figured out how to show fields from database. But I can't figure out in the program where to tell Bartender to hide a text label based on a database field.
I think I need VB Scripting but have no idea where to input the VB Scripting, which object gets the script attached? What is Functions and Subs vs OnProcessData, I am just completely new at this so any assistance would be helpful especially which screens I have to use. Pasting VB code is fine but I need to know where to actually put the code inside BarTender.


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Ian Einman
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In File / BarTender Document Options, there is a VB Scripting tab which lets you execute script at the document level.  You can then set the DoNotPrint property for one or more objects from one of these events.


If your document is complex you might want to consider upgrading to 10.1 which has conditional printing built-in.  There is a user interface that allows you to do stuff like show or hide objects based on database field values, no need for scripting.