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Long time listener, first time caller, ok a complete noob.  Any thoughts on tightening up this script, works as is just wondering about the eloquence. 


Also anyone have thoughts on print on settle from bartender with a RiceLake 420?  Need to get to that stage.  Any thoughts are appreciated. 

Have a good day et al 




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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Snowdog,


The only thing I see that could help to "clean it up" would be to use the "Select...Case" structure instead of the "If..Else" one. This would look as follows:



Select Case a
    Case 0
        aa = 0
    Case 1
        aa = 2
    Case 2
        aa = 4
    Case 3
        aa = 6
    Case 9
        aa = 7
End Select


The problem of this code is that (as far as I can see) there no logic on the way you are specifying values to your variables. If you can find such logic you could instead use that you build a small algorithm.


Regarding the scale you mention, I can confirm that the it's certainly supported by BarTender (no need to build your own protocol). Unfortunately I cannot offer more comments on the actual device, as I don't have the knowledge necessary for that. You might want to consult your reseller on that matter.