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I am new to VB scripts and I believe the solution is through writing a code. Here in my case what I need to accomplish is to save the data to access database linked to the fields. When the user enters data for label printing on prompt text (FORM), the same data needs to be saved on the back end. How can this be done ?

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Bamaboy327,


Firstly please allow me to remind you that on our latest version (v10.1) we added a new feature called "Global Data Fields" that allows you to share values between different BarTender documents, regardless of it being data entered through the data entry form or a serial number. For more information please take a look at the below white papers:


In any case if you still wish to feed back information to your Access database please take a look at the attached example that should do what you require through a VB script.


*The "serial.txt" file is actually a Access database zipped and renamed. You'll need to change it's extension to ".zip" and unzip it to use it.

**You'll need to copy both files to the "C:\Seagull" folder for them to actually work.