Pale Printing On Zm600 Driver, Unable To Modify Zebra Driver Settings Through Seagull Driver 追蹤


Good Afternoon,

I've an hard case with a Zebra ZM600 printer which is outside our warehouse, when it's cold the print are pale and weak.
With windows drivers and windows application, i correct the problem adjusting the speed and the hot of ther thermal head of the printer.
But we use BarTender for such specific case, and in this configuration i don't reach to have access to speed and hot of the head of the printer through Seagull Driver.

I'm going in the label editor, click on the print button, click on the settings buttons, and all choices i see are very different from this one i've in Windows drivers.

How can i solve this point?

THanks a lot for your help.

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From the print dialog - click "Document Properties". This gets you to the screen with the Heat/Darkness and speed settings. If you're using the Seagull printer drivers, it is under the [i]Options[/i] tab. If you're not, it will be somewhere else.