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I have just recently installed the bartender software onto my computer and had downloaded the printer driver to hook up my printer. Then i went and made my label that I wanted to print just to test it to see if it works and my computer said that the document was waiting in the queue but the printer never recognized it or anything.  the printer just read that its ready and wasnt recieving a document or doing anything. the printer that i have is a 3M TRP-303 as what my computer recognizes it at.  If anyone can help me that would be great its just not wanting to print the document.

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Ian Cummings
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Is this for a USB connected printer by any chance?


Make sure you're using the latest (v7.3.2) driver version:


Run the DriverWizard to fully remove your driver and reboot with the printer powered off.  Once restarted, power on the printer and wait for Windows to detect the new device.  Cancel any Windows add printer wizard and instead run the Seagull DriverWizard again, but this time choosing to install the driver.  The wizard should pick up on the detected printer so choose to install the driver of the detected printer as the Seagull wizard prompts you completing the operation.