Evolis Windows Driver7.3.3 And Bartender Problems 追蹤


1.eMedia Card Designer Software is license free for evolis pebble 4 printer & Dualys 3 printer,and is worked with Seagull Printer Driver 7.3.1 before.

After installed Evolis 7.3.3 card printer driver, eMedia card design software cannot determines Evolis Pebble 4 Printer, and switch to demonstration mode. When I uninstall 7.3.3 driver and reinstall 7.3.1 driver, problem remains there. It is trouble to tell our customer to use 2 drivers for eMedia Card Designer and BarTender.


2.Seems there is no option for printing rewriteable card and printer cleaning of Evolis card printers.


3.For BarTender, when I use evolis primacy printer to print on both side, BarTender rotates backside 180 degree automatically. After I enable rotate backside 180 option, backside will be print a bit left or right randomly.


4.Where is the option to print backside only?

5.When Evolis Tattoo2 printer using 7.3.3 driver to printing cards, color is much brighter and no varnish printed on the card than Evolis original driver even I turned varnish level to 16.


6.Please help..

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello audoa,

*Please note that you should only have one Seagull driver version installed on your system, having different versions installed might corrupt the drivers as they all use shared resources. This might already explain some of your driver issues. Please make sure that all your drivers belong to the same version. If that is not the case, please remove them all using our Seagull driver wizard, restart your system and reinstall the latest release.

1. I'm not sure why the eMedia software would revert to Demo mode when using our latest driver release. You probably need to contact their support as it looks like their software is not recognizing some element of our new driver release.

If it was working with an older driver and you wish to fully revert to that version, to make sure that no elements from the newer installation are present (note that our drivers use shared resources) you'll need to fully remove all Seagull drivers using our Seagull driver wizard, restart your system and reinstall the older version drivers.

2. Taking a look at Evolis card printers it seems that the Tattoo models are the ones capable of "rewriting" cards. Not sure if this is a feature that is meant to be available on BarTender itself, but when printing with these card printers and using re-writable cards the printout includes "erasing" the previous printed items. For more information please take a look at the below Evolis webpage:


3. Are you able to see this same issue on BarTender's print preview (unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce it on my system)?


4. BarTender can only print on one side or both of them. If you wish to print only on the back side, you probably need to turn the card around on your printer and print only one side.

5. Does this also happen with older driver versions? Testing it on my system I can see BarTender sending the command for the "varnish level" (Pc;o;=;XX).