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Can you please advise how to create and print code 128 in MS Word using a Seagull Driver for Meto Mi-4208 printer?


Normally on other windows printer driver, we create a Barcode Font in the driver then select / use this Barcode Font in MS Word to print a barcode. 


For Seagull driver (please see attached files), there's no option to create Barcode Font and there's no Code 128 in the Fonts list in MS Word although I've selected the Seagull Driver for Meto mi-4208.


Can you please help?


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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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Inside the driver, select the Fonts tab, then hit the 'font' button and select 'New Bar Code Font'.  You'll then specify the name of the font along with whatever other settings you're going to specify for it.  Once you hit OK it will create a font that's usable by any application.