Problem Printing Multiple Copies 追蹤

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We are trying to print from Excel 2010 running on W2k8 R2 servers with Citrix XA 6.5 to Datamax 4208 printers via W2k8 R2 printservers.


Anytime we print single copies everything runs just fine. As soon as it is more than one copy we get the error message below.

Our drivers are current (7.3.4 M-0 or 7.3.4 doesn't make a difference).


Does anybody have an idea what could be the problem?


Thanks for your help!



Additional info: I can print multiple copies from notepad on the same setup.  :huh:




[attachment=834:2014-02-27 15_44_10-Rhenus Logistics - visionapp Remote Desktop 2012.jpg]