Highlighting Printer With Seagull Changes Other Printers Papersettings 追蹤

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We've noticed an interesting issue with the windows printers. 


If we mark/highlight a zebra-printer during printer-selection in windows default print seletor window, the paper format changes to "Letter" for all other printers like normal Hp, canons, Sharp and even PDF printers.

The settings are reverted as soon as the printer-windows closes.


This causes weird print-errors for us in sweden where we use A4 as default paper format. The issue is that some users are using the keyboard arrows to go down the list and pass a zebra-printer to reach the printer they want to print from. 


This behaviour have been reproduced on a terminal server environment, print-server/client scenario and directly installed Zebra printer. 



Steps to reproduce:
Print from notepad
Go into properties and verify paper format settings on a normal paper printer (or change this to anything but letter if you allready have letter)

Highlight a zebra printer

Go back to first printer, check paper format. This is now letter.


Anyone else noticed smoething similar or got any troubleshooting tips to troubleshoot this?